Monday, July 25, 2011

a summery summary

this weekend
i slept in until 11
i went to the hair salon for the first time since march
i got a manicure (what!)
i shopped at the market
i had celebratory cocktails in virginia
in honor of a couple of fantastic friends of mine then
i endured 100+ temperatures with gin and tonics here
with some different friends then
i laid by the pool and ate crab cakes and peach pie
thanks to  this blogger
and i spent a good amount of time standing 
directly in front of our air conditioner 
(when it was working)

i mean.
it was as good as it gets
for a summer weekend in dc.

happy monday.


  1. I am jealous. I have yet to try a macaron. Are they as fabulous as everyone says?

  2. 4:35 am? Is that a mistake? Say yes.

    Thanks for the shout out-- I feel the love in your commited hyperlinking. You're welcome at the retirement villa anytime!

  3. @Rachel - yes! I expected the cookies to be meringue-like and sort of crunchy, but they were very delicate and soft, almost frosting-like. I'm obsessed!

    @Kate - Thank YOU for such a lovely weekend - your hospitality is second to none. I'll be back for more!