Thursday, October 27, 2011

since last i wrote

since last i wrote
the seasons have changed
i've roasted another chicken
i've developed an intense morning regimen
that i believe in
solid as i believe in anything
i've cuddled with tank
i've laughed at myself
i've laughed at others but only
if they were laughing too
i made soup and lit candles
and called it a date

since last i wrote
i have earned some stripes
but only a couple
i'm left to think
just how lucky i am
just how happy i am
just how much i need to always
remember all the quiet little things
that make life good and lucky
because as soon as you stop doing that
the world can seem like a pretty weird place
but it's not
it's really not

since last i wrote
i became who i was always meant to be
and even when the edges are frayed
and the circles are dark
it's right
all of it

happy friday.