Sunday, February 27, 2011


guess what tank found this morning?


a good friend of mine put this song on a mixed cd she gave to me
i always think of it during times of transition

Thursday, February 24, 2011

february 24, 1968

on a cold day in february
in washington, d.c.
wes miller walked his youngest daughter
sheila may miller
down the aisle toward
an italian-american man with a funny middle name
my father
william amodeo tringe
they had only known each other four months
yet here they were
the church was decorated with flowers
that my mom's parents had driven
from their floral shop
in holdrege, ne
they sipped champagne
into the wee hours, according to their pictures
at the georgetown inn
walking down the aisle again, 42.5 years later. still smiling. photo by tom williams.

happy 43rd anniversary today
you're a beautiful and inspiring couple [of parents, too!]
we love you.


tank, in the halls of congress. photo by lindsey weaver.
 tank was born on september 8, 2010
10 days after we got married
97 years to the day after my nonnie was born
and apparently
according to the downstairs neighbor girl
the same day as the virgin mary's birthday.
tank is a lot of work
but he is more love
and goodness
than trouble
and that's why we love him.
if you've never known the love of a puppy --
you should give it a try.
it is theraputic.
tank came into our lives when a lot of things
weren't so good
my grandma passed away
brad didn't have a job
we felt defeated but
tank demanded that we smile
and we did.

here i am again

i'll pick up where i left off
wherever that was
remember me? 
i'm the same but
different now
wedding night. august 28, 2010. the durham museum, omaha, ne. photo by tom williams.
hello again.