Tuesday, May 31, 2011


a year ago today, i was coming back from a trip home with brad. we went to omaha, we went to sioux falls, and we went to holdrege. there was a lot of mcgriddle eating, macro photography, and daydreaming about the wedding that was to take place three months from then. this year, the whirlwind was a little bit different...

Friday, May 27, 2011


i'm headed to missouri
then to the big city
i've got my camera
and i'll see you monday

happy summer

Thursday, May 26, 2011


these are definitely the coolest school supplies i have ever purchased.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

tank the dog

this is our dog.
this is also our bed. 
we may or may not 
have had a series of weak moments
when faced with this face.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

don't be afraid of what you are


the other day, brad said, "i love how deep you get in your blog." but not in a way that let me know that he really loved it, more just to point out that i was doing it and it wasn't normal for me. i will admit, our house is not a quiet place and he doesn't often hear this tone from me. we are very likely blasting the tv or talking about where to go next or who to see next; and yet, i was hurt/surprised when he said that. i like to think that he knows me best of anyone and i guess he didn't know that i like to write like this. let me declare (roar!) for anyone else who may also be surprised: i like to write. specifically, i like to write like this.

Monday, May 23, 2011

hello monday

a wonderful weekend by all counts: fancy french dinner on friday night, a trip to petsmart to refresh tank's toy supply (he has already destroyed about half of those), a late saturday night and sunday brunch, a visit out to the hospital to share some laffs with brent, and dinner at ted's on capitol hill last night. tonight, my sister in law comes to town! i can't wait. on friday, we leave for saint louis to see my juliebride get married. on sunday, i'm going to one of my favorite places with my brother. it's all so exciting and wonderful i can hardly handle it. for now: mmm, monday.

Friday, May 20, 2011

roses in her backyard

in the backyard of her house
there's a climbing rose bush
not the carefully pruned kind
but the really tenacious kind that shows up
with its fat, unruly blossoms every spring
whether you like it or not
"it just grows" she says
"most of them you need to prune --
not this one -- flowers just show up every spring"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

favorite cup o' joe

i drink a lot of coffee. i drink a lot of coffee every day. for someone who does something several times a day every day, my taste is less than discerning, likely because i use coffee like a tool in the same way that most people use alarm clocks or toothbrushes. coffee: just part of what i need to do to get myself out the door in the morning. my parents brought me this souvenir from their last trip to los angeles. i didn't have the heart to show them that i've been drinking maxwell house for the past year and a half (or maybe they already knew that).

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the brent lounge

fall of 2010 was an exciting time for a lot of reasons, not least of which was that two nebraska friends were moving out to dc. and living in our building. in an apartment that had surprise wood paneling which sort of seemed like a disaster at the time but now it's endearing in the same way a person might begin to love someone in spite of the very loud noises they always make. exactly like that.

Monday, May 16, 2011

strangers on this road

i couldn't begin to pick a favorite memory from this weekend
my parents were in town and it was wonderful
we had an indulgent night out
and a stroll through eastern market in the morning then
we took an overnight trip to annapolis
tank had his first hotel experience
we ate (and ate, and ate) 
we walked (and walked, and walked)
it was lovely, relaxing, and so special
to be together in that place
after we saw them off to the airport
we returned home to dinner with friends
and a toast to the weekend at tunnicliff's
when i woke up this morning
the air was fresh and the sun was shining
and i saw a bluejay and for no reason at all
i'm certain that today will be 
a beautiful day

Thursday, May 12, 2011

from the vaults

oh my gosh! it's my mom and dad on their wedding night (feb. 1968, georgetown inn). those flowers were driven from holdrege, ne to washington, d.c. by my grandma and grandpa miller. my mama - she looks oh so jackie o. (i have never, not for one single second in my life, looked as delicate and lovely as my ma does here). my dad - so svelte! so strapping! another thing: i can't quite believe my ears when i hear these stories so i will have to verify again but i am pretty sure my mom and dad got married after dating for four months. read it again. let that blow your mind. four months. what! yes, i think that's the truth. mom, is that true?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


more sundays than not
it's my habit to break out the slow cooker
and see what magic it will make in 8 hours
and more sundays than not
it's my habit to make too much 
of whatever magic is happening in there 

tuesdays with tank

i am fairly sure this pup
is trying to exact his revenge on us
for taking him to the vet the other day
that, or he has a newfound love 
of garbage, toilet paper, and computer cords
hard to stay mad at him though
when he looks at you like this

happy tuesday 
tank will be spending this one
in his kennel 

Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend update

a busy weekend this time - an event friday night, 
a party saturday AND a party sunday. how lucky!
we started the weekend with all things unholy:
gambling, bourbon, horse races...
my first ever proper derby party with proper mint juleps 
and no shortage of ladies in hats 
 (this midwesterner did her best impression of a southern belle,
and darn if it wasn't fun for a minute.) 
the one in the blue dress up there is the hostess (sans husband)
lady, those were some powerful juleps.
(like i need to tell you).  
we had fun placing bets (and congrats to laura who took it all!)
i had my money on a horse named pants on fire
his pants were not on fire
 kenny had my favorite bowtie of the day
i am a sucker for gingham and navy, though...
so it wasn't fair...
but is it ever?
thanks, leif and lindsey, for a wonderful day.
it was a very solid start to your new annual tradition.
sunday morning: we celebrated mothers and marriage in nature's splendor
the incredible and very talented mary beth cahill hosted a party for
this gorgeous woman in the yellow sweater and her future husband
a backyard brunch on a beautiful day? yes, please. 
we soaked. it. up. 
ain't that sweet? 
it felt like we had completely left the city
and gone somewhere we could hear the water
it was wonderful. 
the house...
when i walked in i was instantly transported 
to my nonnie's house which always
smelled of soap and fresh air and things baking
mary beth gave martha stewart a run for her money - the menu included:
cold crab spread with cucumbers (pictured, left), bagels and lox, chilly vichyssoise, asparagus and hollandaise, egg casserole, ham with fig jam, and a host of shortbread cookies 
and a very special dish called eton mess for dessert. 

it was a fun one alright.
happy monday.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

a mother's day card for my mom

it's hard to put into words how much my mom means to me. and to only have one day--mother's day--that's hers...somehow seems unjust. in that picture, you're looking at a woman who was still smiling after i had put her through so much leading up to my wedding day last august (and not less than three meltdowns about one of five wedding dresses to give you some idea about the degree of patience we're dealing with). with every new situation that arose her response remained calm and positive: "what can i do? how can we make this better?" can you even believe that? i cannot. with every year that passes i become more and more grateful to have that picture of patience, generosity, and wisdom as my mother.
when i was growing up, she always knew how to make me feel special in a sea of brothers. she somehow preserved my femininity (in a barbie-free household, even)...and i'm very thankful for that. in between tree-climbing and lego building and frog rescues, mom made sure i went to ballet class, knew how to make cheesecake cupcakes, and had the silver shoes that i really, really wanted. she was a great listener and  wonderful diplomat as the years of silver shoes blossomed into years of even bigger, even shinier things.
in a new chapter: when i run into rough times or into happy times -- mom's is always the first phone to ring. she's kind of amazing in that she always feels what i feel and knows exactly what to say, even if all that there is to be said is that she's thinking of me and she loves me. pretty special to have someone so wonderful thinking of you that much.
for 27 years i had another incredible mother figure in my life. this mom figure was my grandma and i struggle with the right words to convey how much i loved her.  i know my mom and i remain broken up about how much we miss my grandma...daily. (and i still pick up the phone to call her). but, that's the miracle of motherhood when it works -- we love each other so deeply that we carry that on with all their best traits, and keep passing them on in honor of these wonderful women. so thank you mom. i love you. from the bottom of my heart. happy mother's day.

Friday, May 6, 2011


today, i was reminded of a longtime favorite video of mine:

double dream hands!

and introduced to its equally amazing sequel...double dream feet!

laugh today. it's friday.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

currently dreaming

currently dreaming of:
groceries from whole foods
a grill with tuna steaks grilling
a patio with a sunbeam for tank
ball jars with spiked iced tea
a washer and dryer that doesn't require quarters
a dishwasher
and a 21401 zip code



1) happy cinco de mayo! this is a favorite holiday of mine or an excuse to make a ton of mex-american cuisine.
2) and drink margaritas.
3) i'm almost out of sidra's oatmeal bars and no idea which flavor i'll make next.
4) tank is recovering swimmingly.
5) brent is on a slower path to recovery. will hopefully have a longer update soon...in the meantime, he is going in for his third and hopefully final surgery today. please keep him in your thoughts today.

i heard this classic while watching the news this morning, and you might want to hear it too, today...there's never a bad time for the boss:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

pho with julie

for all my love of things spicy, herbal, brothy, and full of noodles
i had never had pho. what? well, after dinner with this lovely juliebride last night:
i'm hooked! (as predicted by said juliebride).
for the uninitiated: pho (pronounced, impossibly, "fuh")
is a traditional vietnamese soup served with beef, rice noodles, bean sprouts, 
basil, lime, with chilis, sriracha, and hoisin sauce on the side.
as a bonus: i love it when it's acceptable to make my food nuclear hot. 
and it's totally healthy. and it's good. so you should have some too. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

music for warm weather

somehow it's may outside
this is the month for 
derby parties
parents to visit
friends to get married
and a visit to one of my favorite places
with my brother!
but first:
i'm getting pho
for the first time
with a good friend
and even though #itonlytuesday
i'm pretty happy 
how this one is shaping up

Sunday, May 1, 2011

a tale of two recovering dogs

dog one:
on drugs

dog two:
not on drugs

all in all, he's been a champ.
here's hoping that he continues his smooth recovery.